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Babu88 Privacy Policy

The first time a user visits the official website, personal data is already being collected. The policy on cookie processing is accepted by the user. After that, his/her device begins transmitting data to the Babu88 servers regarding the operating system, IP address, and model of the device. The player willingly submits further personal information while using the site in the future. This happens in many different interactions. For instance, completing forms, obtaining verification, depositing money, and withdrawing it

Your communication with Babu88 must contain some personal information for purposes of verification. False information will prevent you from completing the verification process.

According to Babu88’s privacy statement, personal information is collected and used for the following purposes:

  • To abide by the laws of Bangladesh and other nations where the betting site offers its services; 
  • To prevent money laundering and all other forms of fraud; 
  • To promote fair play;
  • To improve services and raise service standards;
  • To create more powerful marketing and advertising collateral.

The company commits to protecting the privacy and total security of personal information. All of the data you give us is transmitted over secure communication channels and is encrypted. The HTTPS and SSL protocols are made available on the website for this reason.

Additionally, the Babu88 privacy policy prohibits the disclosure of personal information to outside parties. The only circumstance that qualifies as an exception is one in which the user’s fraudulent behavior has been established. His/her personal information can be given to police in this situation. Additionally, if you win unusually significant amounts, we might use some of that information when publishing promotional materials. You always have the option to decline providing personal information to the website and Babu88 app. You must let the support staff know in order to do this.